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♥️ Powerful AI Prompts : For High Engagement Social Posts
💡3 Little-Known SEO Hacks: Explode Your Organic Traffic Overnight
😄4 Feelings That Sell: Tap Emotions for Attention & Sales
💰 How to Not Lose $170M: Learn from Big Brands’ Costly SEO Mistakes

Powerful AI Prompts

♥️ Powerful AI Prompts : For High Engagement Social Posts

With over 4.65 billion daily active social media users worldwide, standing out on social media takes creativity, insight, and often more hours than there are in the day.

Solution? Bring in the AI robots!

According to a study, early adopters of AI like myself have seen engagement increase by an average of 11% in just three months.

Here are 3 ways you can incorporate AI to stay ahead of the social game:

1. Create Social Media Post Content Faster: 
Generating fresh, engaging social media post ideas used to be time-consuming. Now, you can use AI content ideation tools to develop creative concepts in minutes. Simply input keywords and let the AI suggest diverse headings, captions, and visual ideas tailored to your brand.

Prompt : Here is a rich prompt we use to create an in-depth social media post. Feel free to use it as-is or with a variation relevant to your needs.

Substitute detail or choose an option in the square brackets to customize this prompt.
Create a 250-300 word story about [topic].
Our audience is [health enthusiasts/ math student/ mother of teenage children]
Act like a [marketer/nutritionist/math professor].
Share insights from the perspective of [topic 1 & / topic2].
Maintain a [casual/professional/humorous/expert/energetic] tone throughout.
Use language that’s [professional/ easy-to-understand]

Caution : AI generated content may contain errors or even false information. Always proofread and humanize it before publishing.

2. Create Better Titles With  AI:
AI caption generators excel at creating conversion-optimized captions. Their conversational tone attracts consumers, making the material more relevant. Furthermore, these generators expertly integrate explicit calls to action, eliciting rapid replies.

Prompt : Here is a prompt we use to create catchy social media titles. Feel free to use it as-is or with a variation relevant to your needs.
Substitute detail or choose an option in the square brackets to customize this prompt.

Our targeted audience is [health enthusiasts/small business owners/newlyweds]
Title should be in [How-to/Everything Guide/Listicle] format
Titles should be intriguing & less than [70] characters in length
Create 5 compelling and [clickbaity/non-clickbait] headlines for this content [paste your copy].

3. Create Social Media Content In 70+  Languages: 
Create social media content in 70+ languages to reach a worldwide audience. Use translation tools or employ multilingual content developers to personalize postings for different demographics.

Takeaway: Bilingual material promotes diversity and reaches a larger audience. Accept linguistic variety to create a more inclusive online community.

Now, you can ace the social game in just three months! Contact us today! 

💡3 Little-Known SEO Hacks : Explode Your Organic Traffic Overnight

Getting more organic traffic to your website is the holy grail of digital marketing.
But with over 1.94 billion websites online today, how can you make yours stand out? The truth is that ranking high in Google and other search engines is harder than ever before.

93% of all online experiences now begin with a search engine. You’re missing out on massive opportunities if you’re not on that first page.

Here, we’ll uncover 3 unusually effective tactics that you can use :

1. Focus On The “People Also Ask” Section:

Utilize Google

Utilize Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ section for effective SEO.

When users search, Google suggests ‘related topics’ in this section, making it a valuable resource for keyword research.

By addressing these topics in your content, you provide users with the answers they are looking for, boosting your website’s visibility and authority.  This also gives your content a chance to be featured in the highly sought-after ‘People Also Ask’ section

2. Add Internal Links & Backlinks:
Internal links and backlinks are critical components of SEO.

Internal links increase the value of your content and enhance the overall user experience. They link relevant pages together, assisting search engines in understanding the website’s structure and while increasing reader engagement.

Meanwhile, backlinks from reliable sites increase your website’s trustworthiness and search engine rating. On the other hand, links from questionable sites might be detrimental to your reputation.

3. Use Core Web Vitals:
Prioritize Core Web Vitals for a flawless user experience to improve SEO.
Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to improve page performance, mobile responsiveness, and image optimization. Remember that the success of a website goes beyond its content; a clean, speedy, and responsive interface is critical for maintaining and engaging visitors.

Consider the following scenario: a user arrives at a website but encounters a slow-loading page (LCP), which is irritating. The interaction delay (FID) and unexpected layout changes (CLS) contribute to the bad user experience

This causes the user to abandon the page, which can be avoided by improving the core web vitals.

Witness your organic traffic 2x in just 3 months. Leave it to the pros.

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😄4 Feels That Sell :   Tap Emotions for Attention & Sales

Did you know emotional marketing generates double the sales compared to feature-focused messaging?

I’m sure you’re already aware that emotions greatly influence decision-making.

In fact, some studies have shown that emotionally-driven content can increase shares by over 40%!
Here are the top 4 emotions that we’ve seen generate the most resonance with audiences:

1. Excitement: 
Create a buzz around your product, similar to how Apple does with each iPhone introduction. Use colorful imagery, lively language, and exclusive previews to build excitement.

Highlight revolutionary features to build excitement and promote your product as a must-have experience.

2. Trust: 
As Amazon has done, you can build trust by prominently presenting consumer reviews and testimonials. Include trust signals like money-back guarantees and industry credentials.

Transparent communication and a proven track record assist in creating trust, which is essential for converting new clients.

3. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): 
Use FOMO methods similar to fashion businesses during limited-time deals. Use countdowns, limited supply notifications, and special deals to create a sense of urgency.

Highlighting the scarcity of your product or service forces clients to make hasty decisions, urging them to grasp the chance before it’s too late.

4. Happiness: 
Associate good feelings with your brand, as Coca-Cola does. Make use of upbeat imagery, relevant narrative, and client success stories.

Emphasize how your product improves happiness, forming an emotional connection with customers and encouraging them to pick your brand.

Planning to invoke emotions in your next digital marketing campaign? Leave it to us! 

💰How to Not Lose $170M   :   Learn from Big Brands’ Costly SEO Mistakes 

Did you know a stunning 88% of marketers say optimizing for search visibility and organic traffic is highly important for their overall strategy?
Yet shockingly, up to 78% admit to making preventable SEO mistakes that damaged their site’s rankings, traffic, and revenue.

Here are 3 Expensive SEO Mistakes that Big Brands committed (and how they could have avoided the blunder):

SEO Error #1: Domino’s Pizza’s non-mobile optimized website cost them 25% of online
Domino’s Pizza’s 2012 mobile app users claimed using and making orders was challenging. Moreover, online orders decreased by 25%, costing millions of dollars in sales.

Ensuring your site is optimized for mobile usability is essential to prevent issues like this. Use responsive design so all information is readable on all devices.

SEO Error #2: GoDaddy’s over-reliance on ads cost them $58 million and 58% of traffic: 
GoDaddy lost $58 million in income in 2015 after cutting back on ad spending. In addition, their organic traffic fell 58% in just three months.

Relying too heavily on paid promotions can be risky if budgets are cut. You can transition away from sponsored ads using organic techniques like social sharing, content marketing, and link building.

SEO Error #3: Disney’s artificial backlinks caused a 50% drop in traffic: 
Google penalized Disney in 2014 after finding artificial backlinks, resulting in a nearly 50% immediate drop in organic traffic. Focus on obtaining links through social shares, brand mentions, and high-quality guest posts.

Regularly audit backlink profiles with a tool to check for spammy or unusual links.

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