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🤖🍊 Outsmarting AI With Oranges: Tropicana’s BOLD Marketing Move!
🧲 Netflix’s Masterclass in Magnetic Content: How You Can Do It Too.
💰 Brand Overhaul Success Story :  From Street to Elite
💡 Gen Z Marketing Playbook (2024) :  The Secret Sauce to Loyalty.

Outsmarting AI With Oranges

🤖🍊Outsmarting AI With Oranges : Tropicana’s BOLD Marketing Move!

In a world where artificial intelligence penetrates every aspect of our lives, Tropicana has boldly stated at CES 2024: Nature has the best algorithm.

By introducing ‘Tropcn,’ Tropicana has playfully rebranded itself and omitted the ‘AI’ from its name to highlight its commitment to all things natural.

It’s new marketing mantra for 2024 is –

100% OJ.
0% AI.
There Is Nothing Artificial In Here.

Tropcn: No ‘AI’, Just Pure OJ
The limited-edition ‘Tropcn’ products are Tropicana’s witty response to the AI craze. By dropping the letters ‘A’ and ‘I’ from its logo, Tropicana reinforces the message that while technology advances, the natural goodness of its orange juice remains constant.

Moreover, every ‘Tropcn’ bottle isn’t just a juice container; it’s a potential golden ticket. With a QR code campaign that offers consumers a chance to win a trip to Florida, Tropicana turns each bottle into an interactive experience, blending the digital with the delightfully tangible.

What Does This Means for the business?

Tropicana’s campaign is more than a clever marketing ploy; it’s a strategic step that signals the brand’s dedication to authenticity.

As the juice market adapts, Tropicana’s move may inspire others to find their unique voice amid the digital dialogue.

Tropicana’s ‘Tropcn’ is a refreshing reminder of the power of natural branding.

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🧲 Netflix’s Masterclass in Magnetic Content : How You Can Do It Too.

Very few companies understand its audience better than Netflix.

By pioneering the streaming model over 15 years ago, Netflix empowered viewers to ditch scheduled programming in favor of on-demand content at their convenience.

So, what was the secret to its success? Let’s look at their 5 top high-impact

1. Data-Driven Content Creation:
Netflix watches what you watch.
Netflix collects data from its users’ viewing habits, analyzes this data, and then uses it to create shows that fit what people want to watch.

For example, the success of “House of Cards” was partly because Netflix knew its users enjoyed political dramas.

2. Original Content and Exclusive Rights:
Netflix doesn’t like throwing darts in the dark.
They invest in critically acclaimed original content, exclusive to Netflix, creating a unique value proposition that traditional TV cannot match.

For example they invested big bucks in creating shows like “Stranger Things” and locked in the rights so they’re the only ones who can show them to you.

3. Binge-Watching Model:
Netflix totally gets our need for instant gratification.
Why wait a whole week for a new episode? So, they drop an entire season with 8-12 episodes all at once!

This is what they did with “Orange Is The New Black,” where all episodes of a season were released together and people ended up watching them back-to-back.

4. Risk-Taking in Content:
Netflix isn’t scared to take a walk on the wild side.
They’re on the hunt for the odd, the unusual, the stuff that makes you think. Stuff that traditional TV wouldn’t touch. They don’t play it safe.

“Black Mirror” is the perfect example – it’s weird, it’s wild, and of course, we can’t stop watching.

5. No Ad Interruptions:
Instead of making us sit through ads, Netflix goes the subscription route.
We pay up, and in return, we get all the drama, laughs, and tears without a single commercial break.

You get an uninterrupted VIP pass to awesome shows.

At BrandLoom, we channel the same magic into your social content strategy, blending data-driven insights and creative storytelling to captivate your audience.

Think of it as crafting your brand’s own “House of Cards” or “Stranger Things” on social media.

We dive deep into your audience’s preferences, craft unique, original content that keeps your followers hooked. Our strategic content release approach is designed to maximize engagement, aiming for at least a 30% increase in audience interaction and doubling the shareability of your content.

And we do all this while keeping your brand’s story in focus.

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Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

💰 Brand Overhaul Success Story:   From Street to Elite!

So, I was digging through research data from the past year and noticed something.

Turns out, when brands talk to their customers in a personal way, they engage. We have seen this with some big brands that really know how to chat with their audience.

There’s this smart trick they use called “selective perception.”

It’s basically about how we all see things based on what we already think or believe.

And guess what? We tried this out with a client and it worked!

Our client Momo King had great food but was up against a ton of competition. Plus, with momos being a street food favorite, people expected them to be super cheap.

And going to a restaurant for momos? People thought that was too pricey and would not be worth it. This was the main problem that we had to tackle.

Here’s how we played the ‘selective perception’ game to help Momo King’s B2C business:

1. Re-Branding As An Authentic Nepali Momo Brand:
Here’s the thing with selective perception: people love authenticity.

Since the brand was already established in Malaysia, it already had a logo and name. So, we played up their Nepali roots. We told their story focusing on the authentic Nepali herbs they used, making customers see them as more than just another dumpling place.

This angle helped people perceive the brand as a true slice of Nepal, setting it apart from the usual momo stalls.

To show that they were a cut above their rivals, we chose to showcase the variety of items they were offering- including exclusive items that were entirely new for Indian customers.

2. Setting Them Apart With Hygiene & Great Service:
We used selective perception to shift the focus to hygiene and customer service.

People often see street food as maybe not so clean, right? So, we highlighted how this brand was different –
It cared for its customers & took hygiene and customer service very seriously.

We made sure when people thought of Momo King, they thought of a place where they’d get an exceptional experience, changing their usual perception of dumplings as street food.

3. Made It Appealing To Young People: 
We also had to target the youth- the millennials being their primary target customers.

So, for the young people, we played into what they value – cool, new experiences that are easy on the wallet. We crafted the brand’s story to show it as this trendy, affordable place with awesome new momo varieties.

This way, we used selective perception to position the brand as both a hip spot and a wallet-friendly option, ticking all the right boxes for the millennial crowd.

Overall, this campaign was a great success, and the brand positioned itself as an authentic Nepali momo brand in India.

At BrandLoom, we don’t just use random branding techniques that yield no results. Instead, we focus on analyzing our clients’ industries so that we can provide tailored branding campaigns and exercises that produce 5X better ROI.

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💡 Gen Z Marketing Playbook (2024) :   The Secret Sauce to Loyalty.

Standing out to Gen Z takes more than just optimizing for feeds and stories.

As the first digitally native generation, Gen Z already comprises 40% of all consumers today, and that share is rapidly rising.

While studying Gen Z’s behaviors and motivations, we realized social media alone doesn’t capture their attention.

Social content must be tailored to drive loyalty.

Here are 3 unique ways to engage with Gen

1. Experiential Events:
Immerse Gen Z in interactive environments that align with their values and passions. For example, host Instagram-worthy music festivals featuring their favorite artists and social causes.

Setting up on-site graffiti art walls for shareable moments is another good way to connect with them. The more creative and reflective of Gen Z culture, the better. Make them want to document and spread every detail.

2. Livestreaming Shopping:
Dive into real-time streaming shopping tailored to Gen Z’s desires – direct access, exclusivity, and impulse rewards. For example, host limited-time product drops on Instagram Shop featuring rising influencers.

Let viewers chat with talent and ask questions while special promo codes flash on-screen.

3. Branded Messaging:
Establish an always-on branded presence in Gen Z’s preferred messaging apps. For example, create a Snapchat profile that offers first access to sales, new arrivals, limited-edition drops, and pop-up event details.

You can also use SMS alerts to distribute time-sensitive promo codes and drive traffic to your Instagram profiles.

Struggling to Connect With Gen Z? We Speak Their Language!

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