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🏰 Kylie Jenner’s $340m Business Moat : Branding!
🥤 This 100-Year Old Brand 4X’d Their Business – (In 2 Years!)
🌹 Personalize Or Perish : 3 Key Search Trends (In 2024)
😎 Crack The Customer Code : With 3 Social Listening Tactics

Kylie Jenner’s $340m Business Moat

🏰 Kylie Jenner’s $340m Business Moat : Branding!

Castles once relied on moats of water to protect against invaders.

Likewise, in business, your defenses may be new features, AI, technological integration, or marketing tactics – that differentiate you.

But these moats are disappearing quicker than ever in 2024. Anything successful today is copied tomorrow.
Just ask brands that once seemed untouchable until the drawbridges fell and the marauders stormed in.

So what now separates you from the competition in a transparent age when anything proprietary becomes public instantly?

Our take: To thrive into 2024 and beyond, besides building technology moats, businesses will need to focus on constructing an unbreakable brand fortress in customers’ hearts and minds.
An iconic brand transcends features and short-term gimmicks. It forms an irrational, un-copyable emotional connection with the audience.

Take Nike – Its “Jordan” shoe empire flourishes decades after the namesake Michael Jordan retired. His name alone conjures up nostalgia and greatness across generations.

Or see Kylie Jenner, who just cashed a $340 million check based on her beauty brand’s power, – and not any revolutionary lip gloss formula.

In 2024, branding alchemy will separate market winners from those drowning in a sea of lookalike competitors. That’s why we at BrandLoom offer the latest Brand Transformation services to help construct your distinctive brand identity and relentless relevance engine.

Our proprietary 10X Brand Accelerator method involves:

  • Customer insights mining to reveal core needs
  • Brand vision architecting to map your 2024 North Star
  • Values activation via a personalized BrandStory
  • Advertising blueprint for video-first engagement

With the marketing moat era ending, the next decade demands emotive brand magic that turns customers into true believers. The competition is already at your castle gates – so let’s future-proof your defenses.

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🥤This 100-Year Old Brand 4X’d Their Business (In 2 Years!)

This 100-Year Old Brand 4Xd Their Business

“What is this Stanley Cup madness all about? How come people are fighting over a tumbler?”
Since the last few months- this is the question which almost EVERYONE has asked us. The world has been in a tizzy with this very ordinary drink bottle- with fights breaking out in US stores between customers and even shopping assistants getting FIRED for having swiped a few from the shelves for themselves.

So, what IS it about Stanley quenchers that’s inspired this mass hysteria?

Let’s go back a few years and try to see how Stanley got here.

In 2019, Stanley was netting in pretty robust $73mn in revenues. By 2021, that had gone up to $194 mn.  Come 2022, Stanley redesigned its bottle – adding new colors and finishes; which saw its revenues rise to $402 mn.

By the end of 2023, the company was clocking in around $750 mn in revenues (!!!) – AND witnessing regular fights across departmental stores among die-hard customers as their bottles continued to fly off the shelves.

Social Media today is exploding with influencers showing off their Stanley tumbler collections and boasting about laying their hands on some rare colors.

Even now, people are LITERALLY camping outside Target Stores to grab the tumblers before they disappear.

We have racked our brains trying to figure out exactly why the entire world lost its head over this product- because simply chalking it up to new designs seems like an inadequate explanation.

And we admit – we love it.

The Stanley Cup Quencher’s rise underscores the power of influencer marketing in creating viral sensations.

This case is a mindblowing reminder of the changing dynamics in marketing & consumer behavior. By having influencers and celebrities use and promote the product, Stanley tapped into the influencers’ vast followings, creating a buzz that traditional marketing might not have achieved.

For businesses looking to replicate this success, it’s crucial to harness influencer marketing effectively. BrandLoom has achieved similar results for not one, but two clients, tripling their revenue in just 1.5 years!

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Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

🌹   Personalize Or Perish :  3 Key Search Trends (In 2024)

Love is in the air, and we’ve been busy with V-Day campaigns.

Of course, with Google (and Bing) undergoing many changes, our campaign strategies are getting out of the box this year.

We’re seeing some significant changes in how digital marketing technology will work- and if you are not prepared to embrace them, you’ll be rendered invisible.
So, there are a few things that you should be prepared for.

This means focusing less on traditional elements like backlinks and more on elements that resonate with searchers’ intentions and lead to satisfying content discovery.

Here are the top 3 2024 Search Trends you should look out

1. Expect Users to shift to Zero-Click Searches:
As AI advances, users may find richer results without clicking through websites. To encourage clicks to your content, publish fast-loading pages that offer distinct value.

Focus on experiential formats that showcase expertise, like

  • Short, engaging videos that inform and demonstrate
  • Visually vibrant web stories
  • Audio, such as podcasts and webinars
  • FAQs and authoritative Q&As.


2. Better Search Efficiency with Personalized Search Experiences:
As search personalization advances, delivering relevant impacts to each user is key. This vision is materializing through launches like Google’s customized search experience.

In 2024, strategies will make customer-centricity an end-to-end priority. Let relevance and customization drive technology and content choices. With robust personalization foundations, you can create resonating, individualized encounters.

3. Social Proof will become the new norm for industry authority:
As advanced language models draw information from diverse sources, understanding your clients’ core interests and search behaviors is crucial. Determine the subjects and questions they primarily seek answers to from your business.

Then, develop targeted approaches to establish your company as an industry authority. Earn organic mentions and backlinks from respected trade publications, relevant news outlets, and influential profiles.

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 😎 Crack The Customer Code :   With 3 Social Listening Tactics

Eavesdropping is rude – unless you’re doing it online!

Social listening is a new trend allowing brands to tap into authentic, unfiltered conversations about them on social media platforms.
It provides invaluable consumer insights without awkwardly asking people directly.

Over the last few months, we gained tremendous insights about what our target audience was interested in, which helped us make better content on social media.

Here are 3 social listening strategies you can use to stay ahead of the competition on social media:

1. Emoji Monitoring:
Rather than solely monitoring keywords and hashtags, also track emoji usage related to your brand. Are social media users reacting to your products with 😍 heart-eyes & 🙌 praise hands? Or are you seeing more 🤬 angry & 😒frustrated reactions?

For example, Starbucks could track when people mention their brand name alongside emojis like ☕️ &  🍵 to gauge positive associations with coffee. Seeing frequently paired emojis like ❄️ & 🥶 in winter could prompt seasonal menu innovations like more hot chocolate options.

2. YouTube Comment Analysis:
Expand listening into the often neglected comments sections on YouTube videos related to your industry. This highlights direct feedback from viewers and unpacks video themes driving the most reactions.

For example, an athletic apparel company could analyze user thoughts on athlete sponsorship announcements and new product unveilings. Monitoring first impressions and reactions here is invaluable for future campaign development.

3. Reddit Listening:
Join industry or interest-specific Reddit subgroups (called subreddits) related to your customers and niche. This taps your brand into authentic discussions from your core communities, echoing customer sentiments right back to you.

For example, cosmetics companies should monitor beauty and skincare subreddits to inspire new products. A gaming company has easy consumer access to monitoring gamer threads discussing ideal features and pain points.

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