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📣 Top 10 Marketing Strategies Of 2024: To Multiply Your Revenue.
🥳 Single Store To Retail Chain : Moosejaw’s Growth Journey.
💰 Ideas For Growth : Crocs $4 Billion Secret!

Top 10 Marketing Strategies Of 2024

📣 Top 10 Marketing Strategies Of 2024 : To Multiply Your Revenue.

The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis. For a business like yours, standing out in a crowd will require creativity and strategy.
And this list isn’t just a collection of tactics; it’s a carefully curated arsenal from BrandLoom based on our cutting-edge research and proven results.

So pay attention –

1. Optimize Your Website Experience.
Enhance usability and speed, ensure mobile optimization & user-friendly navigation. Optimizing your website can boost conversion rates by up to 200%. We have seen this first hand with our clients, all of whom see an increase of 50% – 300% depending on industry!

2. Have A Social Media Strategy.
Create engaging content tailored for a maximum of 2 social platforms, where your audience hangs out. Utilize analytics to refine tactics. A solid social media strategy can increase your engagement by 50%.

3. Communicate With Your Customers.
Besides social media, use email, phone and chat services to maintain open lines of communication, making your brand more accessible and responsive.

4. Claim Your Google My Business.
Maximize local search visibility by keeping information up-to-date. This is a critical step in enhancing your local search visibility.

5. Invest In Local SEO.
Focus on local keywords and content to rank higher in community searches. This attracts customers who are looking for services or products like yours in their area. BrandLoom is an expert at this.

6. Test Google Ads & Social Media Ads.
Experiment with different ad formats and targeting options to find the most effective strategies.

7. Consider Local Discount Sites.
Partner with sites like CashKaro, Nearbuy etc. to attract local customers with promotions. BrandLoom can help you list with more than a dozen such discount sites.

8. Offer Customer Loyalty Programs.
Encourage repeat business with rewards for loyal customers. When implemented with proven UI UX principles it can multiply your conversion many times over!

9. Test Direct Mail.
Utilize targeted direct mail campaigns to reach specific demographics.

10. Great Customer Service Is Great Marketing.
Ensure customer satisfaction with prompt, helpful service—turning customers into advocates.

Calculating the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts
Track and analyze the financial return of these strategies against the investment made to determine their effectiveness. Higher ROI values signify more successful marketing efforts.

Review the results – the higher your ROI, the better.

Multiply Your Revenue. Let’s Talk. 

🥳  Single Store To Retail Chain : Moosejaw Madness!

Moosejaw Madness

A few weeks back, I was researching ways to make a brand stand out and shine in a tough competition.

I discovered THIS from market research –

  • 53% of consumers are most likely to remember and enjoy content or even advertisements if they are humorous.
  • 70% of consumers feel more connected to brands with CEOs that are active on social media.

One such brand that I feel excels in this area is Moosejaw.  It is an outdoor retail brand specializing in gear and apparel for outdoor junkies & novices.

Rather than focusing just on promotions & discounts, Moosejaw injects lighthearted humor into its Twitter and Instagram profiles, reflecting the company’s colorful personality. Meanwhile, most of their competitors continue to focus on standard advertising & marketing.

Moosejaw’s innovative use of augmented reality technology and social media, combined with a customer-centric approach, has been pivotal in enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.
This strategy has earned them accolades and recognition from Forbes, and The New York Times for their marketing excellence.

After research I found that their social strategy revolves around 2 rather popular content ideas –

  1. The Moosejaw TestLab &
  2. Moosejaw Madness

Moosejaw invites its customers to watch short videos of experiments performed in its unique Test Lab. Here, highly scientific as well as mock assessments are performed under professional scrutiny, including a backpack weight test that uses thousands of jelly beans to test the pack’s capacity, and a boot sole traction test which is really just two guys running on an ice rink as fast as they can.

Keeping the atmosphere lighthearted, Moosejaw’s gear experts are able to entertain and inform their audience with these short videos.

Branding itself as “the most fun” outdoor retailer, Moosejaw doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has also created “Moosejaw Madness”–a hashtag-based social community that invites & rewards people to share their outdoors experiences with one another.

Between cracking jokes about extreme sports mishaps and creating laughing emoji-filled captions for new product drops, Moosejaw humanizes its brand.

For brands looking to replicate Moosejaw’s success, BrandLoom can offer tailored strategies focusing on innovative content, social media presence, and customer engagement, ensuring your brand stands out and thrives even in today’s market.

Social Media Branding & Marketing Can Multiply Your Business. Let’s Talk. 

Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

💰 Ideas For Growth :   Crocs $4 Billion Revenue Secret!

Holi is just around the corner (at least, for us marketers), and our team has been scouring the net for some colorful inspiration for our campaigns. And we chanced upon it in the most unlikely way- with some ugly footwear.

Yes, we’re talking about Crocs.

The brand that nobody takes seriously just posted an 11.5% jump in FY23 revenues. That’s almost $4 BILLION more than what they netted last year.

So what sparked this worldwide craze for ugly footwear?

Well- we think we found a possible reason when chancing upon its fun and fabulous social media feed.
You see, for the past few months, Crocs has turned itself into a crafts project. They’ve been asking people to decorate their crocs with cute stuff, with Jibbitz Charms being the de-facto styling accessories.

Honestly, who doesn’t love art and crafts? Colorful Crocs have always been a favorite with kids, and this time, even the adults got into it. In 2023, Crocs went HARD on campaigns focusing on amassing user generated content- which they used to generate a renewed interest in their shoes.

And it helped having some of the most flamboyant and in-focus faces in the entertainment industry give a shout out to Crocs in 2023. From the Bailey sisters to Lil Nas X, EVERYONE showed off their crocs projects; and the world followed suit.

Of course, Crocs has been slowly and steadily building up to this moment of glory. Since pandemic, the brand has been on a roll- repositioning itself as a useful & fun shoe for those who love comfort.

And here they are today- helping us conjure moodboards for our Holi campaigns with their explosively colorful social feed- and showing the world how an effective combination of influencer marketing & DIY crafts campaign can create some serious magic (and PROFITS).

So if you’re looking to create a similar success story for your business- you need a smart influencer campaign strategy to boost your brand. We know this because BrandLoom has done the same for not one, but TWO brands- tripling their revenues in the last 1.5 years!

Start Multiplying Your Profits Right Away. Let’s Talk!

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