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🧲 Attract Customers Like A Magnet : With THIS Marketing Strategy
🍷 In The Luxury Goods Business? : THIS Is Your Next Customer!
🤖 Your Website May Be Feeding Your Data – To AI Companies.
📌 2024’s Hottest Viral Content Strategies : You’ll Want to Steal These!

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Attract Customers Like A Magnet

🧲 Attract Customers Like A Magnet : With THIS Marketing Strategy

“Our profits are stuck.”

As a consulting firm we hear this A LOT.

Business owners are often at a loss when it comes to finding a way to grow their businesses amidst all the noise and severe competition.

One strategy that works irrespective of business size or popularity is – influencer marketing. If you can find the right influencer for your brand & use them effectively- you may be surprised by the impact they can create on your earnings.

Take the example of Leonel Messi and the city of Miami.

A few months back, when Messi joined Inter Miami, everyone started paying attention! The club got way more fans and became super popular. Moreover, their Instagram blew up in just a few hours, making them one of the top teams in the US with tons of followers!

Additionally, ticket prices for games had skyrocketed. Before Messi’s arrival, tickets were priced between $50 and $80. But after he signed the deal, fans were willing to shell out over $11,000 just to catch a glimpse of Messi on the field.

But the impact didn’t end there!

Apple TV+ made a premium subscription just for showing MLS games, and now they’ve got twice as many subscribers because of all the Messi hype!

This story shows us how associating with a popular celebrity can boost a brand’s value – and even rejuvenate an entire city!

So, the next time you think about making a solid and powerful brand, consider how partnering with a celebrity influencer can create an impact! We know because we made that happen with one of the world’s top automotive brands.

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🍷 In The Luxury Goods Business? : THIS Is Your Next Customer!

The last few years have not been kind to everyone in the luxury sector. If you’re in this business, we feel your pain.

I mean, if Louis Vuitton had to write off BILLIONS of dollars worth of losses(!!!) from unsold inventory in 2023- you can tell there’s a crisis.
Marketing pundits are pretty convinced that with the global economic chaos- nobody seems to be buying luxury stuff any more.

But what if that’s NOT the case?

Recent statistics reveal a shift in the luxury goods market – Gen Z now accounts for almost all growth, & by 2025, this cohort is estimated to represent 70% of luxury spending.

But luxury shopping is changing because of Gen Z, the young people who are now starting to buy more luxury items. Even though Gen Z usually doesn’t like spending a lot of money, they’re expected to be the biggest group buying luxury stuff by 2025.

So, what’s the deal?

Well, it turns out Gen Z is really into buying fancy stuff, but with a twist. They’re all about sustainability and making purchases that reflect their values.

Two brands, eBay and Prada, have figured out how to make luxury appealing to them.

eBay had a special event in New York where people could trade in their fancy items for other high-end brands. Here, people could trade in their high-end stuff for cool brands like Bottega Veneta and Cartier.

This move was smart because the market for pre-owned luxury items is booming, & now worth about $46 billion! Gen Z and Millennials are driving this trend because they care a lot about sustainability.

Prada launched a jewelry line made from recycled gold and chose Amanda Gorman, a young poet and activist, to represent it. This move showed that Prada cares about important issues like diversity and the environment, which is important to Gen Z.

Studies show that  84% of Gen Z plan to spend more on ethically produced goods to become collectors – buying secondhand luxury as sustainable “assets” rather than disposable status symbols.

And these initiatives by eBay & Prada are checking all the boxes.

At Brandloom, we get that the consumer market is always shifting and moving. That’s why we’re here to offer you some seriously cool marketing strategies that are totally in tune with what’s hot right now. We’re all about ensuring your campaign becomes the talk of the town!

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Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

🤖 Your Website May Be Feeding Your Data –  To AI Companies.

Real-Life Scenario: Ever wondered why after browsing a few products on an e-commerce site, you start seeing ads for those very products across different websites?

That’s AI at work, using data collected from your website & your customers’ browsing habits.

Websites collect vast amounts of data from visitors.

This data ranges from basic demographic information to complex behavior patterns. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have built empires on the back of data analytics and AI, using this information to tailor advertisements, recommend content, and enhance user experience on their platforms.

Now, if your website unknowingly allows third-party data collection of your customers’ information, it can lead to a multitude of consequences that range from legal issues, and big fines to damage to your brand’s reputation.

So, If you have or want a website – this is for YOU.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the problems that could come from this:

1.Legal Troubles
If your site lets others sneakily collect this data, you could be breaking laws. Think of GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California and the PDP Bill in India. These are strict rules with big fines.

So, If your website says, “We won’t share your info,” but it happens anyway, you could be in trouble for breaking your promise, leading to lawsuits and lost trust.

2. Money Problems
Getting caught not following privacy laws can lead to HUGE fines. For instance, under GDPR, you can be fined up to 4% of your yearly sales or €20 million, whichever is more. Under the new PDP Bill in India (passed in Aug 2023) the penalties for failing to comply with the act range from INR 10,000 to INR 200 crore!

3. Reputation Hits
News about privacy issues spreads like wildfire, damaging your brand’s image for a long time.

4. Customer Impact
Your customers will feel violated if their personal info is taken without permission. Also if the wrong people get this info, it could lead to identity theft or scams, directly hurting your customers and your business.

Figuring out how the leak happened, stopping it, and making sure it doesn’t happen again can be expensive and take a lot of time after the damage has happened.

At BrandLoom, we understand how to develop a new website for your brand and ensure you have control over your content.

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📌 2024’s Hottest Viral Content Strategies :    You’ll Want to Steal These Now!

2023 was an interesting year for us. With the competition for customers’ attention heating up everywhere, our team had to come up with some really creative ideas to help our clients connect with their audiences.

Here’s what we learned: content is STILL king, but people are no longer satisfied with standard types of content. Be it on social media, website blogs, or newsletters- netizens are looking for something extra everywhere.

So, we dug out the top 3 types of content that are really clicking with online visitors in 2024:

1. Niche Memes:
While scrolling through Instagram, you stumble upon a it resonates. Seamlessly weaving brands into viral memes like this connects authentically with audiences.

By tapping into what people already share and laugh at, brands can authentically engage specific demographics, using humor and tailored content to make a lasting, memorable impression. It’s about more than just laughs; it’s about forging genuine connections in the digital world.

2. Stylized Infographics:
When it comes to talking about numbers and statistics– it’s not the most thrilling topic, right? But here’s the thing: turning boring data into eye-catching visuals can work wonders.

You can use colorful charts analyzing customer info or excellent graphics showcasing your company’s industry leadership. When you present data artistically, like with snazzy charts and images, it’s easier for folks to grasp and share across platforms. So, why stick to plain numbers when you can make data pop?

3. Sharing Genuine Reviews:
Authenticity and trust are often known as the two main ingredients for any brand. Well, one surefire way to boost both is by sharing genuine customer reviews. As a brand, you can use video testimonials from local customers, sharing how your product or service tackled their specific issues.

Take, for example, a job search site featuring users talking openly about their career hurdles – from job hunting struggles to overcoming discrimination, all with some help from the site’s tools. It’s natural, relatable, and builds trust like nothing else.

Catching Your Audience’s Attention Is Tough!

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