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🎂 How We Got 3X Sales : For A Flavor Giant – With Targeted Ads.
🔐 Secret Pinterest Hack: 3X Your Website Traffic In 6 Months.
📣 Use Deinfluencers : To Uncover Genuine Market Needs.
✨ Immersive Marketing : 3 Ways To Leverage AR & VR Experiences.

How We Got 3X Sales For A Flavor Giant

🎂 How We Got 3X Sales : For A Flavor Giant With Targeted Ads

“We keep running expensive ads, but not much is coming out of it. ”

If this is your pain too, then this is for you!

Is it actually possible to get the leads and sales you want from running an online ad campaign that doesn’t break the bank?

The answer is- YES. Because we have made it happen for the world’s largest fragrances and flavors company.

A couple of years back, we were approached by our client with a unique objective.

The brand possessed a diverse portfolio of on-trend flavorings, but local Indian bakers and confectioners weren’t fully aware of their offerings.

Our client wanted to tell the local bakers about what flavors were Indian customers addicted to- and in the process, get the baking experts to buy the same.

Here’s how we tackled this:

1. Market Research: We studied the Indian market to understand what flavors people liked and which areas had many bakeries. This helped us figure out who we should be talking to.

2. Targeted Social Media Ads: Eye-catching social media advertisements showcased the hottest flavor trends and how their ingredients could elevate baked goods.

3. Strategic Search Engine Marketing: Through targeted search engine ads, we ensured that when bakers researched these trendy flavors, our client appeared at the forefront.

4. Compelling Infographics: We developed drool-worthy infographics offering flavor pairing guides and trend reports that made baking masterpieces so much easier.

5. Watched & Adjusted: We kept an eye on how our ads were doing and made changes when needed to get better results without spending more money than we had to.

Results: This plan worked really well. The company started selling three times more than before in India. They became a well-known name among bakers and confectioners, who are now using their flavors regularly.

The campaign was a great success! Our clients got high quality leads for really good ROI- we’re talking about a CPL (cost per lead) of just 400 on our Google Ads Campaign.

Intrigued? We thought so!

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🔐 Secret Pinterest Hack : 3X Your Website Traffic In 6 Months

What if we told you it’s possible to drive a massive 3X surge in traffic to your website by investing just one hour per week?

Most entrepreneurs and content creators spend a staggering 20 hours per week planning, creating, posting, and marketing their businesses.

That’s where our Pinterest strategy comes into play. By dedicating just a tiny fraction of that time – one hour per week – to a simple yet powerful approach, we’ve been able to unlock a torrent of new traffic to our website.

Here’s how you can replicate this success and 3X your website’s traffic using

1. Recycle and repurpose:
Stop recreating the wheel by creating fresh material each time. Repurpose your old blogs, videos, freebies, and emails into visually appealing Pinterest pins that drive traffic to your website.

Even a random Reel from two years ago might generate new attention to your offerings.

2. Keyword research is essential:
Pinterest is a visual search engine, so selecting the proper keywords is critical. Enter terms into the search field and check for autocomplete options.

These provide an intimate glimpse into what people are genuinely looking for. Use these relevant keywords in your pin descriptions and alt text.

3. Split-test like a pro:
Instead of just making one pin per piece of content, create 10 different pin designs that all link to the same URL. This allows you to split-test different creative approaches and visuals.

Then double down on the versions that perform best without having to constantly create new content.

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Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

📣 Use Deinfluencers : To Uncover Genuine Market Needs

We’ve all seen product, their feeds brimming with sponsored material that reads more like an advertisement than reality.

But if you pay attention – you will also see a growing tribe of rebels.

Deinfluencers are like online truth cops. They call out overhyped products, shady experts, and anything else that’s wasting your time or fleecing you.

Deinfluencers aren’t about negativity – they’re truth-tellers exposing overhyped products and misleading marketing. They’re highlighting the gaps in the market, the things customers are craving but not finding.

So what can you get out of the deinfluencing phenomenon?

Start by looking at deinfluencers in your niche. What are they calling out? Listen to what they are saying – and the conversations they are generating; and you can-

1. Unearth Market Gaps:
Are there complaints about missing features, unrealistic promises, or a lack of transparency? These are opportunities for your brand to step in and offer a solution.

2. Refine Your Messaging:
Use their critiques to refine your brand’s messaging. Focus on honesty, realistic expectations, and the genuine value you offer.
3. Fuel  Innovation:
Are there recurring complaints about a lack of choice or outdated options? Use this knowledge to develop innovative products that address these unmet needs.

Stop chasing trends and start building trust. Let deinfluencers be your guide to a more relevant, customer-centric brand.

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📌 ✨ Immersive Marketing :    3 Ways To Leverage AR & VR Experiences

You can’t visit a single website today without being told that AR/VR technology is great for marketing.

We know this because this is exactly what’s happening to our clients- who are asking us every day how they can use these technologies for hooking in their customers.

Well, after studying the brands who have successfully played the AR/VR game, we identified some of the strategies that are giving the best results.

Here’s what you can do with the tech.:

1. Give life-like, enhanced product demos via AR:
Ever imagine showing off your products in a way that blows minds? AR lets customers virtually hold your product and try out all the features. For instance, you can use it to test a phone’s camera right from their living rooms! It’s a super engaging way to get them excited about what you offer.

2. Tell captivating behind-the-scenes or human stories that make your audiences get emotionally invested in your brand:
Forget boring brochures! VR lets you take customers on a mind-bending journey straight into your company’s heart. Imagine a manufacturer using VR to show the dedication and craftsmanship behind their products. It’s like a behind-the-scenes VIP tour, building trust and loyalty in a whole new way.

3. Gamify Your Customer’s Brand Experience:
Who says brand experiences can’t be fun? AR and VR open up a world of possibilities for gamification, allowing you to create interactive, engaging experiences for your customers. Imagine a food brand utilizing AR to create a scavenger hunt game, challenging customers to find hidden ingredients in the grocery store for a chance to win exciting prizes. You bet this will create some major buzz and keep people coming back for more!

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