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Business Building 101

How I Would Build A Business

That Can Drive Revenue & Cashflow [In 6 Months]

“Get me to page 1 of Google, also email our customers and contacts a bi-weekly newsletter while engaging influencers on Twitter, and maintaining a captive Facebook audience, also capturing new leads, and put out two blog posts a week too.”
That was my internal directive to the accounts manager handling BrandLoom’s brand activities about a month ago.
Now, if you are running a business, I ask you to read the above carefully, and you will find that the single line actually encompasses a six-month online digital game plan.
When I first started on my journey of entrepreneurship, it all seemed very simple.
Don’t we all know digital advertising works? Theoretically at least.
You just need a website, and then some SMM, PPC, SEO, content creation, mobile specific advertising, targeted email communication, and perhaps even embrace the affiliate advertising model, right?
And yet most entrepreneurs may take up to a decade to get their business running profitably.  Are you too stuck in the loop? Because I was. For almost 3 years.

Why You Need – Help From The Pro’s?

Take a look at these numbers :
According to CBInsights – 90% businesses fail in the first five years. And of these 82% of businesses went under because of cashflow problems.
Here’s another set of numbers :
Of all successful business owners, 85% founders admitted that they had the right qualifications and experienced mentors to help run the company, even with limited cashflow.
Simply put, if you are running a business for 2years+ and it is still losing capital or just breaking even, then you many need a better team as well as better strategies on your side.

Getting an experienced business consultant on your team can help strategize effective business solutions that may not be so easily apparent.

Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

Qualities of Successful Founders – Do you have it?

The general consensus out there is that hard work brings fruit. But is it really so simple? I mean – don’t be mistaken, hard work IS required.

However, that’s just the basic
But what are the ingredients that make a founder successfully run a business. Our experience with hundreds of businesses over 7 years has shown that successful founders tend to have certain qualities in common.

Here are the major traits we found:

1. Ace Founders Execute
Having a high bias towards getting things done is an essential part of being a founder. Execution is the #1 trait of all successful founders. If tasks go undone then the goal will not be reached.
All successful founders I have worked with consistently take actions, do what they want, and learn from them.

2. Successful Founders Are Smart, Skilled, Insightful & Committed.
Intelligence allows the founder to look beyond the surface, strategize effectively and think critically.
The right skills gives them the expertise to excel in their industry.
The ability to see unique insights & patterns even in a familiar industry is rare and is a trait of successful founders.
Commitment is another trait that shows the ability of the founders to press on and persevere amidst challenges and uncertainty.
Are you also willing to dedicate a couple of years to work? To sacrifice fun, leisure & entertainment? And lose sleep for the benefit of your business?

3. They Are Flexible, Take Risks, & Embrace Failure
Founders constantly question the status quo. They are risk-takers who have taken alternative paths throughout their lives.
They are often contrarian thinkers who are intelligent,and highly motivated individuals. They understand that iteration is key to achieving their goals. They embrace failure, learn from it & then simply move on to the next iteration or plan.

4. They Excel At The Art Of Persuasion
Aside from the basic skill to make conversation, successful founders also have the ability to persuade, convince and even sell. If as a founder, you can persuade others to believe in and work for your cause, you can pretty much conquer the world!

5. They Bring On A Co-founder
You need a partner. It is tough to do it as a single founder. Having a co-founder with complementary skill sets is a blessing. Different viewpoints lead to different ideas.
Successful entrepreneurs are not born with these skills, rather these are cultivated over time & experience. However I don’t recommend waiting around till you find them, time is precious. It is highly advisable to find an experienced set of eyes that can help strategize your next plan with you.

Note:   If you want to discuss strategy, just hit reply on this mail. I reply to every mail personally.

A 6 Month Digital Roadmap:

Let me share with you what a BrandLoom strategy looks like:

Month 1 – Setting Up The Basics (We have seen even pros underestimate basics, so don’t skip this.)
Month 2 – Make Business Decisions, Build, Communicate & Grow
Month 3 – Optimize Your Digital Strategy
Month 4 – Acquire, Analyze, Track & Attract
Month 5 – Build authority, Improve conversion, Network
Month 6 – Advanced Branding Techniques – Build Brand Awareness, Feedback

Here is the plan for Month One:

Step 1: Claim your brand accounts on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Quora.
Step 2: Define your brand voice & personality. Finalize your brand book with logos, brand colours.
Step 3: Setup your website which will serve as your hub for all digital strategies.
Step 4: Setup lead generation & email set up from the word go
Step 5: Setup Analytics & Webmaster tools. Establish conversion goals & funnels.
Step 6: Start SEO efforts. Research and define your core organic search topics.
Step 7: Define your content creation & distribution strategy.
If this seems overwhelming to you, remember that these are just the basics to get you up and running. Go though this carefully and check if you are missing anything.

You need to setup all of this for a comprehensive & targeted digital strategy.
Once you set up the basics (or not) just get in touch with us at BrandLoom to understand the plans from months 1 – month 6 in detail.

This includes measures that drive cashflow & profitability for your business:
✔️Lead Generation strategies
✔️Getting your first 1000 customers.
✔️Social domination plans
✔️Branding Strategies
✔️Business Scaling & more.

Avinash Chandra
Author Avinash Chandra

Branding, Integrated & Digital Marketing Wizard and Founder of BrandLoom Consulting (A $1m startup). I help companies generate more revenue through digital marketing. I have successfully led Business and Marketing operations of several Large & Small; American, European, Chinese & Indian Brands and Startups. In totality, I have worked with over 100 Brands during my 21 years of professional career with a proven track record of Building Sustainable & Profitable Businesses.

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