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In my last few emails, I have shared various hacks related to finding leads and growing your business.Β 

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This time I want to share something about social media. . .Β 

Social is a challenging space to crack, even with unique products and expert knowledge!Β  (We all know how crowded those feeds can get.)

Do you feel that your brand is also getting lost in the social media shuffle?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Here’s the social media story of a diabetes management brand we worked with…Β 

They wanted to establish themselves as the go-to brand aimed at diabetics who wished for the knowledge and wellness products needed to manage their condition and live a full life..

πŸ‘‹ 60 Day Game-Plan To Grow Your Business!

Our Social Strategy In A NutshellΒ 

(Only for the eyes of our regular reader – YOU!)

Our strategy is based on 5 simple steps that can be modified for social success in any business. These 5 steps formed the 60-day game plan that grew their business discovery on social media platforms far beyond their expectations!

Here is what we did –Β 

1. Content Pillar Powerhouse:
We identified core content pillars that resonated with the brand’s target audience. After this we never had to worry about what we should create content on.Β 

2. Content Calendar:
If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. To avoid this, we meticulously planned the types of posts that would fall under each content pillar.

This created a social media calendar for 2 months, outlining topics and ensuring a strategic variety of content.

3. Stay Trendy:
Special promotions and seasonally appropriate posts were planned. This allowed the brand to stay trendy and keep its social media presence fresh and enticing

4. Targeted Advertising:
Our targeted advertising campaigns were a game-changer for our client.

We didn’t just throw ads out there; we meticulously researched and identified their ideal customer demographics, interests, and online behaviors.

This enabled us to create hyper-targeted ad campaigns on platforms where their audience spent the most time. We further fine-tuned the ads for optimum performance using A/B testing.Β 

The result was increased visibility, with high-quality traffic that was genuinely interested in what the brand had to offer!

5. Scroll-stopping Content:
Every piece of content & creative was designed to hook the audience, through storytelling, interactive posts, & compelling calls-to-action that brought viewer participation.Β 

We focused on creating value-packed content that educated, entertained, and solved problems, turning passive viewers into active community members and brand advocates.Β 

Our motto was – louder, noisier, and more provocative.

This combination ensured the ads effectively hooked the target audience, driving engagement and website traffic.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

The brand’s social media channels blossomed with positive engagement from its community. Its followers actively interacted with posts, shared their stories, and formed a supportive network.Β 

At the same time, their ad campaigns were a HUGE success on Facebook and Instagram. For social media campaigns, we struck a high of 4.1% in eCommerce conversions!

Well. There!Β 

You have one of our growth secrets!

Now there is no excuse – implement it yourself and tell me how you did!Β 

Or let me do it for you .Β  . .

Our proven social media strategies can help you boost engagement, reach new customers, & drive sales. If you are interested give me a call.

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