A long time ago in a galaxy, far far away . . .

Is there anyone who doesn’t immediately gear up for a lightsaber fight upon hearing this?

The tagline for the first Star Wars movie is so iconic that it has become synonymous with the saga itself. Even four decades after it appeared on a movie poster, this line continues to define an entire franchise.

That is the power of a good tagline.

For any brand or company, a good slogan & tagline plays a big part in cementing its recall value. If you observe yourself closely, you will discover that you buy many products regularly because you remember their slogan or tagline.

Today, we will talk about some of the best brand slogans; and see what makes them great. And then, we will look at how we can take inspiration from them & create a new one for ourselves.

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But first, let us look at what a brand tagline is.

What is a tagline?

A tagline is a catchphrase.

In the world of advertising & branding, this line encapsulates what the brand is all about. It is like a calling card, something the brand leaves for its audience to remember.

While many brands change or fine-tune their tagline, by and large, the underlying concept remains the same. Through the ages, the basic concept is interpreted in different ways and it acts as a motto for the company.

Famous taglines always hint at certain values and principles that the brand associates with. For marketing campaigns, the tagline acts as a beacon- it sets the stage for the brand to talk to its audience.

A tagline, by its very definition, has to be short and memorable. The simpler and more open-ended it is, the better.

A tagline, along with the brand’s logo and mascot, serves as a bookmark; which associates symbols and messages with the same. They form an important pillar of the brand’s identity. A good tagline can make the brand memorable to the customers and subconsciously, nudge them to stay connected & keep buying.

While most brands have a tagline, many don’t. Think of brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Netflix, or Facebook- they are doing just great without one.

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Tagline vs Slogan

The terms “tagline” and “slogan” are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference in meaning.

Taglines are more permanent. Think of Disneyland‘s tagline- “The happiest place on earth.”

Slogans, on the other hand, vary with advertising campaigns. Think of Disneyland’s campaigns which have memorable slogans like “Where dreams come true”, “I am going to Disneyland” and “Where the magic began.”


If you want to make your brand memorable, you can go for a good tagline. Otherwise, if you are planning on running a marketing or advertising campaign for your brand, you can look at a couple of catchy slogans to hook your target audience in.

Before we do that on our own, let us look at some good taglines and see why they work for the brands they are associated with.

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Best Quality Slogan in English- Famous Company Slogans that keep you hooked

When we are talking about business slogans, let us look at some of the best and the most memorable of the lot.

10. Coca Cola – One of the best company slogans

“Together tastes better”

coca cola slogan coca cola tagline
Coca Cola Slogan or Tagline

If there is a brand that has consistently featured catchy slogans- it is Coca Cola. Their marketing campaigns almost always feature great taglines- from “Be refreshed” to “Open Happiness” to “Taste the Feeling”. The taglines always invoke a sense of amiability and feeling good.

Its current tagline is “Together tastes better”, and it immediately stirs up pleasant memories everyone has of hanging out with their friends. Apart from that nostalgia, it also invokes a longing for meeting up with our near and dear ones.

All the while, the tagline places the cooling beverage as an essential component to good times. It also defines Coke as the best thing to complement your food, because get-togethers always involve enjoying a meal together.

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9. McDonald’s slogan – focus on the experience

“I’m loving it!”

mcdonald's slogan mcdonalds tagline
McDonald’s Slogan or Tagline

It is as much the defining feature for the fast-food brand as Ronald McDonald. This tagline is one of the most famous advertising slogans of all time- and no wonder it has stayed in place since its debut in 2003.

The tagline for food company “I’m loving it” places McDonald’s as a provider of happiness. This is a good way to go because this food is not famous for health reasons.

The tagline conveys that McDonald’s food items taste great. Whoever tries it, loves it, and gets hooked. In one tagline, it captures a feeling and also plays off the addictive nature of fast food.

8. KFC – One of the best slogans for making you hungry

“It’s finger licking good!”

kfc tagline for food products
KFC Tagline

Close on the heels of McDonald’s comes KFC. Again, the KFC tagline invokes the same feelings that their rivals do- it shows that KFC is about great taste (health, maybe not so much). However, it adds to that. The tagline makes you visualize an action that we associate with tasty food.

Not only does it have a universal appeal, it immediately conveys that they are talking about food. At the same time, it alludes to the fact that KFC’s grilled chicken has to be eaten by hand- thereby adding a tactile dimension to it. The result- you feel hungry and end up ordering their wings once again.

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“A diamond is forever.”

DebEERS catchy slogans catchy taglines
DEBEERS Catchy Taglines

This is nothing short of genius. De Beers talks more about a diamond’s price tag- it talks about its value.

Knowing that a diamond ring is the go-to engagement ring in the United States and the western world at large, De Beers decided to associate their diamonds as eternal symbols of love.

Since asking your beloved to spend the rest of their life with you is a pretty big and serious commitment, De Beers’ tagline subconsciously conveys that nothing short of a diamond is good enough to symbolize that bond.

It also echoes one of the most famous James Bond movies and its evergreen title song, in which a woman makes a case for loving diamonds rather than men who may jilt her.

Either way, the tagline successfully shows that a diamond is the investment of a lifetime.

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6. Dunkin’ Donuts – among the best slogans on life in the USA

“America runs on Dunkin”

Dunkindonuts catchy food slogans
Dunkindonuts Catchy Food Slogans

There are few things as quintessentially American as donuts. Thanks to Hollywood movies, we know that donuts are a favorite among cops and the must-have travel companion for those who travel long distances and are always on the go.

In other words, when you are busy, on the run, and need energy- you can always fuel yourself with a donut.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ tagline captures all that in those famous four words. As the company itself puts it, it is a celebration of life, and the tagline perfectly shows that even in your busy life, you can treat yourself to moments of happiness.

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5. State Farm – More a company motto than just a tagline

“Like a good neighbour, State Farm is there”

Statefarm the best tagline for business
Statefarm Tagline

When you are an insurance company, you have to show the people that you care for them. But this approach is extremely common across industries, so how do you stand out?
State Farm found that with their famous jingle- “Like a good neighbour, State Farm is here.” The line effortlessly shows that State Farm is a company that cares about the community.
It also projects that the company is approachable, caring, and ready to listen. So, if you ever need help, your good neighbour State Farm is at your service.

State Farm has revised its tagline many times after this campaign ran its course, but even now, this tagline has endured in popular memory.

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4. Wheaties – A tagline good enough to have a book named after it

“The Breakfast of Champions”

Wheaties best taglines of all time
Wheaties Tagline

When something as innocuous as cereals can invoke a feeling of purpose and grit, it becomes an icon. Which Wheaties did. Their packaging features prominent athletes like Serena Williams, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan and their iconic catchphrase.

The tagline firmly addresses athletes, sportspeople, and motivated individuals. It conveys that their product is healthy and will give you the energy to work tirelessly to pursue your dreams.

The line was such an enduring hit that novelist Kurt Vonnegut named his 1973 book “Breakfast of Champions”. It remains one of his most well-known and influential works, and the Wheaties’ tagline stays etched in popular memory.

3. L’Oréal – Among the most famous slogans for a personal care brand

“Because you’re worth it.”

Loreal taglines of famous brands
L’oreal Tagline

Talk about a confidence boost. L’Oréal’s famous tagline has been the subject of much praise, and for the right reasons. It positively addresses women and convinces them that their products are worthy of the customer, and the customer in question is worth the pampering.

While addressing the customer directly, the company also places itself firmly into the BFF role. Like the perfect wingman, they reassure the customer of their self-worth; and gives them a gentle nudge to indulge in some self-care.

2. Mastercard – the perfect humblebrag

“There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else, there is Mastercard.”

Mastercard Tagline
Mastercard Tagline

Mastercard firmly places itself as the facilitator of all things money in your life- while making an emotional, feel-good connection with the audience. In modern parlance, it is humblebrag done right. It declares itself as humbly acknowledging that money cannot be the top priority in life- while underscoring that anything that makes you happy will probably cost you a little.

And for that, you can trust Mastercard to carry you through.

The famous tagline also gives a sense of Mastercard’s wide network- “for everything else”, you will find Mastercard come to your monetary aid. This is a fitting description for a company that claims to be a “leader in global payments.”

“Just do it”

nike slogan nike tagline
Nike Slogan or Tagline

And finally, Nike. No list about great taglines is complete without this one- it is as uniquely Nike as its famous swoosh logo. Inspiration, motivation, pushing yourself, fighting spirit- all the values that Nike advocates are perfectly captured in these three simple words.

The Nike tagline defines what the brand stands for, and is truly timeless. The Nike slogan is simple, inspiring, and extremely memorable.

This is the reason why unlike many other brands, Nike has never felt the need to change its tagline. All their advertising campaigns circle round to the feelings this line invokes in one way or the other.

The tagline has also helped Nike create an image as the go-to brand for fighters everywhere, not just athletes. The famous Nike slogan echoes very well with the socially conscious artists and activists and has helped make the brand extremely memorable at ground level.

Of course, these are all multinationals of foreign origins. Some of our desi brands are doing the tagline game just as well.

Let us have a look at them.

The Best Company Taglines of famous brands from India known for their catchy captions

5. Radio Mirchi

“It’s hot!”

Mirchi Tagline

Talk about fanning the flames. Named after red hot peppers, Radio Mirchi cheekily declares itself as the hottest FM radio in town. It is simple, catchy, and captures the essence of the brand perfectly.

4. LIC

“Zindagi ke saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi”

LIC Tagline
LIC Tagline

When it comes to life insurance, you are treading a very delicate line. This beautiful tagline places LIC as the friend who supports you during your lifetime, and your loved ones after you are gone. Can there be a better metaphor for life insurance?

3. Amul

“The Taste of India”

Amul Tagline
Amul Tagline

Because how else do you describe Amul, the miracle born of the cooperative efforts of the ordinary men and women of India? It is impossible to imagine living in India without consuming at least one Amul milk product- especially their iconic butter.

The tagline is a big reason why Amul has such a high recall and inspires such brand loyalty. No other dairy brand has even managed to make a dent in their market share.

2. Lifebuoy

“Lifebuoy hai jahan, tandurusti hai wahan”

Lifebuoy Tagline
Lifebuoy Tagline

It is not enough being a medicated soap brand, you have to define yourself against the giant that is Dettol. And Lifebuoy found that perfect spot with its memorable tagline. The jingle is catchy, but what made it endure through the decades is the simplicity of its claim.

Not only does it say the Lifebuoy keeps you clean, but it also makes Lifebuoy synonymous with hygiene and health. The catchy tune it is set to make it extremely memorable, and even impresses on the children’s mind- which makes them remember the brand even after they grow up.

1. Raymond

“The complete man.”

Raymond Tagline
Raymond Tagline

How do you compete with this tagline? It takes the idiom “clothes make a man” to a completely different level. Instead of simply boasting of being the provider of quality clothing for men, Raymond’s tagline places it as the mark of a gentleman.

It immediately proclaims its prestigious placement and its premium quality, while making a clear distinction between “boys” and “men.” Since the 70s, this tagline has marked Raymond as the symbol of progressive, positive masculinity instead of succumbing to testosterone-riddled cliches.

Raymond may now have many competitors, but still, nobody has been able to touch the image it crafted for itself with this iconic tagline.

So, going by these great examples of brand taglines- how can we write one for our brand? Let us look at some pointers.

How to write good brand taglines?

Understand your brand first

At the end of the day, your tagline will fall flat if it does not reflect what your brand is about. It should project a positive image of your brand- so understand what your brand’s personality and values are. If your brand were a person, your tagline should sound like something that you can imagine him or her saying.

Keep it short

A tagline is meant to be a line or a couple of short ones. Don’t make a long, winding tagline. Shorter phrases are easier to memorize.

Keep it simple

Avoid jargon and complicated words at all costs. You should focus on maximizing your reach- and if your tagline contains words that are difficult to understand, you will put your audience off.

Don’t go for cliches

Many phrases may look poetic but are done to death. For example, if you want to write the tagline for a company that sells fresh fruits, “gift of nature” is extremely hackneyed. Do some research and brainstorm, and come up with something that sounds fresh.

Keep it open-ended

Avoid being too specific or trend-oriented. Your brand will remain here for a long time, and your tagline should be such so that it can be interpreted in a variety of ways through the years. Try to leverage hot trends for individual campaign slogans, but your tagline should be timeless.

Don’t ape other brands

If your tagline closely resembles another brand- you have failed to achieve your objective. You aim to stand out from the crowd, not become someone else’s shadow.

Focus on feelings

This is the crux of the exercise. A tagline is meant to invoke positive emotions or strong feelings in your target audience. You cannot simply list a couple of benefits and call it a day. Imagine if Nike’s tagline were “great shoes for athletes.” It just won’t have that impact.

what is a tagline in a logo


There is no cut and dried formula that will give you a great tagline at one go. Remember- it is not about the number of words, but the picture you paint with them. So, do your research, and take your time understanding your brand. Get creative, and you will be able to come up with a tagline that will best suit your brand.


  1. Share a famous slogans list?

    Here is a list of some famous slogans of brands from the USA:
    1. Nike- Just do it.
    2. Mastercard- There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.
    3. L’Oréal – Because you’re worth it.
    4. Wheaties- The breakfast of champions.
    5. State Farm- Like a good neighbor, State Farm is here.
    6. Dunkin’ Donuts- America runs on Dunkin’.
    7. De Beers- A diamond is forever.
    8. KFC- It’s finger lickin’ good.
    9. McDonald’s – I’m loving it.
    10. Coca Cola- Together tastes better.
    There are many Indian brands who have great taglines and slogans. Here are some of them:
    1. Raymond- The complete man.
    2. Lifebuoy- Lifebuoy hai jahan, tandurusti hai wahan.
    3. Amul- The taste of India.
    4. LIC- Zindagi ke saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi.
    5. Radio Mirchi- It’s hot.

  2. What is a slogan?

    “Slogan” is often used used interchangeably with a “tagline”. A slogan or a tagline is catchphrase that acts as a hook for a brand and makes it memorable. It can be defined as a brief summary of what a brand represents. It forms the foundation of a brand’s philosophy- about how the projects itself, what values it has and how it interacts with the audience. While taglines are more permanent, slogans are temporary in nature, and can change depending on the campaign.

  3. What is Just do it slogan meaning?

    “Just do it” is the famous tagline of Nike. It is highly motivating- it asks the audience to go for whatever they want with unwavering focus. It is inspiring and universal, and has a very strong emotional appeal. Nike has always been a socially-conscious company, and this slogan has always stood for inspiring change and bringing about social progress.

  4. What is McDonald’s slogan meaning?

    McDonald’s slogan is “I’m loving it.” It reads like a testimonial from a happy customer. The idea here is to talk about the experience anyone may expect at McDonald’s- tasty food and good service. Being a fast food company, it focuses on its USP- which is tasty (instead of healthy) food.

  5. What is the meaning of catchy slogan?

    A catchy slogan is like a hook for a brand. It is a catchphrase that defines a brand. While taglines are permanent, slogans are temporary- but they serve the same purpose; which is to make the brand memorable. A catchy slogan imprints itself in the audience’s mind such that it makes the brand memorable and increases its recall value on ground.

  6. What is Apple’s tagline?

    Since 2002, Apple has not used any tagline. However, from 1997 to 2002, it used “Think Different” as its tagline, which set Apple up as an exclusive brand meant for iconoclasts. It conveyed a feeling of exclusivity- and positioned Apple as a brand for high achievers.

  7. How did Nike get their slogan?

    The Nike slogan was created in 1988. After it launched, Nike could successfully increase its market share and exponentially increase its brand awareness in North America. The phrase was inspired by the words of a murderer, Gary Gilmore. When facing the firing squad in 1970s, he said “Let’s do it.” However, since Nike adapted its iconic catchphrase, the latter has acquired a lot of positive connotations and today is listed as among the best taglines of all time.

  8. What is Nike’s slogan?

    Nike’s slogan is “Just do it”. It has been one of the core brand components of Nike and is instantly recognizable. Together with the Nike “swoosh” symbol, “Just do it” is regarded as perfect representation of the brand.

  9. What is Amazon tagline?

    Amazon does not have a tagline. However, it boasts of a famous slogan “Work hard. Have fun, make history.” This slogan was more targeted at people who wanted to work at Amazon. Amazon goes for different slogans from time to time in each of its region of operation. One famous example of such a slogan is “From A to Z”.

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