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🗝 Traffic Strategy 5 : BrandLoom’s easy traffic secret revealed.
🎯 6 Easy Sales Goals To Earn Revenue : Even if you have never sold before!
😇 Social Pulse – The Twitter edit button : Is it worth it ?
🥇 Brand Story – Shaktiman & Parle-G : How Shaktiman boosted sales from 50 tons to 2,000 tons/month

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🗝 TRAFFIC STRATEGY 5 : Readability | Content SEO

, Do you have a page that ranks well on the search engines and brings you visitors too?
Maybe you do.
But do people actually stick around & actually read your content? 🤓📖
Well, we have one such branding guide which brings us tons of visitors but it used to have a dismal dwell time. The average time spent on the page was a mere 45 secs (data from google analytics). And this was impacting the engagement & lead generation of our guide.
After investigation the BrandLoom team zeroed in on readability & difficulty in understanding the guide as the main cause of the low engagement.

– – – –  We discovered that nobody likes to read difficult text. – – – –

Our team then optimised the guide to improve its readability. The average time visitors spend on the guide is ~ 2:32 mins.
What we discovered is that – the more readable your content is, the more people read & share it & the more likely it is to land in the top Google search results.
When done right, an SEO & readability optimised article can become one of your most shared & talked about content pieces, fetching you exposure, fame & brand recall.
Implementing readability checks on your own is a daunting task, however software can help you implement these in just a few minutes.

Readability software can help identify –

  • Complex unreadable sentences
  • Sentences that are too long
  • Formatting and hierarchy errors
  • Lack of transition words, use of passive voice & more

Here is a roundup of complementary & paid readability tools that we use at Brandloom. These tools will help you up your SEO game & can help you land more visitors & engagement.

Let’s Dive in:

1. MS Word Editor
It can do grammar, spell checking, ease of reading, reading grade. It can also identify the use of passive voice in sentences.
If you are already using MS word then these features are complimentary.

2. WebFX Readability 
A complimentary online tool that can give you readability scores with detailed text stats.
Just copy-paste your content or input your url to begin.

3. Datayze Readability Analyzer
Another complimentary online tool. It provides multiple overall readability scores. These scores are also available at paragraph level.
It further provides 3 additional tools, namely – Difficult Word Finder, Passive Voice Detector & Spell Checker.

4. HemingwayApp Editor 
Simplify your language with this app. It can identify adverbs, passive voice, difficult phrases with simpler alternatives, & difficult-to-read sentences.
It has an awesome easy-to-use UI & a cult following.

5. Grammarly
A popular & convenient browser extension, you can use it to identify issues with grammar, spelling, tone and sentence construction. The paid version even comes with a plagiarism checker.
If you are wondering what are our favorites at BrandLoom, then we use a combination of Grammarly (premium) & the Hemmingway online editor. Just do a name search on google to find them.
At BrandLoom, we have a stellar content team, which regularly whips up engrossing articles, irresistible landing pages & high engagement socials!

NOTE : If this was useful, or if you want to discuss strategy, just hit reply on this mail. I reply to every mail personally.

🎯 6 Easy Goals To Earn Revenue | Even if you have no sales.

When BrandLoom gets clients who want to sell online, the most common challenge that clients face is –

– – – Getting those first 100 customers! – – –

When faced with fetching the first 100 customers for our clients, we start by setting up achievable goals. So, today we are going to share our top 6 easy sales goals with you.
Think of them as the baby steps to building your future empire.

1. Keep The eCommerce Engine Well Oiled ⚙️⚙
An ecommerce website is not a make & forget business. You need to regularly maintain & update a fully functioning, and secure eCommerce site.
Ecommerce website maintenance is more intensive than a regular website. Regular code & technical features updation is required.
Daily & weekly offers need to be published. Security monitoring, managing orders, analytical reporting, site speed , UX improvements & much more needs to be constantly updated.
A profitable ecommerce business needs an A-team such as BrandLoom at its backend to help its online business fly.

2. Find Your First Customer 🥉
Nothing motivates a team more than getting that first sale. The first sale cannot happen unless the product page layout, copy and seo efforts are on target.
So once you get that first sale, know that everything you have done, has secured you that sale.

3. Use A Coupon Code To Land A Sale 📦
Sometimes, the visitor is ready to commit – they just need a little push🤏. If you can grab a sale with discounting offers, it proves that your business & products have potential.

4. Land A Sale Using Paid Advertising 📣
Paid advertising is a strategy that can fit any budget & amplify your reach. It can even boost brand awareness.
It is also considered as the fastest method to test out business ideas, product to market fit & even page conversion.

5. Increase Units Sold Per Customer 📦📦📦
Getting a new customer may be 5X more expensive than retaining an existing customer.
There are more than a dozen ways to do this, but today we are going to share the top method to increase the average order value per customer.
Upselling via combos, packages & bundles consisting of multiple products is the best way to do this. You can motivate existing customers to add more items into their cart with discounted bundles.

6. Meet A Daily Sales Target 📅
Success is about consistency. Setting up daily and weekly goals 🎯 will motivate you to be more productive and innovative. So set a daily or weekly target.
Start by identifying sales channels that can or are already working for you, such as marketplaces or affiliates. Finally remember to sell emotionally.
At BrandLoom we have a stellar digital strategy team who have helped move the online revenues for an interior design product company from 30L/month to 80L/month in 6 months!

NOTE : If this was useful, or if you want to discuss strategy, just hit reply on this mail. I reply to every mail personally.

Fun Fact About Us

82% of BrandLoom clients see an uptick of at least 20% in their revenue after the implementation of BrandLoom’s strategies.

🥁 Social Pulse : The Twitter EDIT Button | Is it worth it?

If you are ready to pay for it – Twitter will give you the option of editing that tweet you sent out a while ago.
However, there are some riders:

  1. To ensure transparency, the tweet will come with a history and notice of being edited.
  2. Users have to pay for the service.
  3. It’s available for just 30 minutes ⏱ after the original tweet.

Will it be worth it?
Well, that really depends on what Twitter decides on how much editable a tweet can be. Businesses will do well to wait and watch how it plays out, and then make their decision.

🤍 Brand Story : Shaktiman & Parle – G

Did you know that a promotional experiment 🛠with Mukesh Khanna’s Indian super hero “Shaktimaan” had helped Parle G conquer the most challenging market at that time – Tamil Nadu.
Shaktiman – the superhero – was a national favourite among children during the late nineties. Shaktiman’s values of  energy, stamina, strength, and good values was what Parle G stood for too.
This led to Shaktiman becoming a national brand ambassador for Parle G.
For the experiment, the company decided to take Shaktiman (Mukesh Khanna) to Chennai to meet the children. For this, a ground was booked, and the team then ran newspaper ads and promotions in schools.
While the Parle-G team expected a few thousand children with parents to turn up, over one lakh students & parents showed up on that day to meet their hero. 🦸💕
“Shaktiman comes to Chennai” was a front page story across newspapers, the next day.
This single event sent the Parle G biscuit sales soaring from 50 tons a month to over 2,000 tons.
All this in the time of no internet!
My Takeaway : Stories sell.
The Reason : Stories appeal to our emotions, & emotions drive action.
So, consider adding storytelling to your sales communication to connect with & compel customers.
Thanks for reading, that’s it for today.
Your’s Sincerely,

Avinash founder of Brandloom

Avinash Chandra
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