Off-Page SEO Techniques are an important part of any SEO strategy, as they can help you improve your website’s visibility, traffic, and credibility.

Off-page SEO techniques are methods to improve a website’s position in the search engine results page (SERP). These techniques increase the quantity and quality of backlinks, links from other websites to your own.

It would be best if you had the latest and most effective off-page SEO techniques to take maximum advantage of these techniques.

Why You need Off-Page SEO Techniques for your site

There are several reasons why it is important to use off-page SEO techniques:

  • Improved visibility: Off-page SEO techniques can help increase your website’s visibility in the search results. This is because search engines consider backlinks as a sign of the importance and relevance of your website.
  • Increased traffic: By ranking higher in the search results, your website will receive more traffic from users searching for the keywords you are targeting. This can lead to more sales, leads, and revenue for your business.
  • Greater credibility: Having a high number of quality backlinks can also increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of users and search engines. This can lead to more people trusting your website and visiting it more often.

This blog is all about the ultimate resource for off-page activities. You are on the right page if you struggle to understand off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO involves all the activities performed outside of the website to boost the site’s search engine rankings.

It is more important than ever since on-page techniques alone can’t make you rank. Good off-page SEO activities help Google see your website as authoritative and trustworthy.

This guide from Brandloom will dive deep into off-page SEO techniques, why they are important, and which trending techniques you need to use to rank your page.

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What Is Off-Page SEO?

Search engine optimization means optimizing your website for better visibility when a user searches for products/services related to your business in search engines like Google or Bing.

The more visibility your pages have in search results, the greater the chances to get attention and attract prospective or existing customers to your business.

Then there is off-page SEO, which covers techniques outside a website. It often relates to link-building activities, but many other tactics can be implemented to improve your competitive advantage.

An off-page SEO strategy can also include tactics like brand building, social media, and much more.

However, note that off-page SEO alone cannot rank your site.

You’ll have to combine technical SEO and on-page SEO tactics for overall success.

With that in mind, let’s discover top tactics for off-page SEO that you should implement immediately.

20 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques used by our Team at BrandLoom

1. Contribute as a Guest Author – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Strategies

Several high-quality blogs are open for guest posts by various authors.

Write an amazing research piece and reach out to them with your content for the guest posts.

Initially, don’t aim for a high number of links but only for quality ones.

Also, don’t post multiple times on the same guest blog website. Some brands consider only guest posts as a valuable off-page SEO technique.

2. Influencer Outreach – One of the Latest Off-Page SEO Techniques

If you have content that has the potential to get attention if shared with people, you should reach out to relevant influencers and collaborate with them.

Ask them to check out your blog and share linkbacks from their blog. However, ensure that the links you get are from relevant domains only.

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3. Creating Shareable Content – To Drive Off-Page SEO Efforts Automatically

Create content that is

  • Unique
  • Sharable
  • Well-researched
  • Updated
  • Interesting

Remember this tip, good content always gets noticed. Amazingly crafted content can generate way more natural backlinks to your blog than an average write-up.

Create well-researched, updated, and fresh writeups that solve people’s problems and are not boring to read.

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4. Broken Link Building – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Strategies

Another common off-page SEO technique is broken link building.

For this, you should regularly monitor other blogs for any broken links.

If you find a broken link from a particular website, you can send many emails and ask them to replace it with your website link. It can be a bit time-consuming, but worth the results.

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5. Local Citation for off-page SEO – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Strategies

Create a profile for brand awareness locally in

One of the easiest page SEO techniques is to create profiles from top-ranking local citation websites like crunch base, Google my business, Chapters, Yelp, G2, etc.

However, make sure that you keep updating your profile with the latest information.

Include videos, images, and anything interesting that can add value to your brand and also make it look approachable to people.

6. Strong Internal Linking – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Strategies

This one is a must-have for your site.

Internal linking is the process of linking from one page on a website to another page on the same website. Internal linking is important for a number of reasons:

  • Improved navigation: Internal linking helps improve a website’s navigation by allowing users to move from one page to another easily. This can help keep users on the website longer, as they can easily access more of your content.
  • Increased crawlability: Internal linking helps search engines to discover and crawl more pages on your website. This can help improve your website’s indexation, leading to better visibility in the search results.
  • Distributed link equity: Internal linking helps to distribute link equity, which is the value passed through links throughout your website. By linking to important pages from other pages on your website, you can help increase those pages’ authority and ranking.
  • Improved content discovery: Internal linking can also help improve your content’s discovery. For example, if you have a blog post related to another on your website, you can use internal linking to help users discover the related content.

Overall, internal linking is an important part of any website’s SEO strategy as it can help to improve navigation, crawlability, link equity distribution, and content discovery.

An appropriate interlinking strategy will significantly help increase the indexing rate of your website. And high indexing and crawl rate will help you rank your new blogs faster than before.

7. Social Media Engagement – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

Social media engagement is a major Off-page SEO technique.

If your main target audience resides on social media, you need to engage with them to make your business, website, or blog popular.

There are multiple social media platforms to get that done.

Also, you need to understand which platform is best suited for your goals and target audience.

Social media presence will help boost your business growth and also help you get more backlinks.

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8. Convert Brand Mention with off-page optimization

Several tools can help you find the unlinked brand name mentioned.

Brand mention refers to when other bloggers talk about your brand on their website but without giving the reference link to your website.

Now, this is an opportunity for you.

You can connect with the author, thank him for mentioning your brand and politely ask for the clickable link.

This tactic for off-page SEO technique that works for many niches.

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9. Social Bookmarking Sites

Another easy way of off-page SEO is social bookmarking sites.

These are the best platform to promote your website/business.

When you bookmark your blog post on a popular social bookmarking website, you create one more path to attract visitors to your blog.

Popular and High DA Bookmarking Websites and their DA

  •     93
  •     91
  •     91
  •      89
  •     85

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10. Forum Submission – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Strategies

Search forums related to your website and business can help build a connection with your community.

When you reply to threads, answer people’s questions and offer your suggestions, you look like you have the expertise and knowledge of the field. The best way is to make use of “Do-Follow” forums.

This one may be an outdated off-page SEO technique, but you can try getting a few relevant media links for some visibility.

List of High DA Forum submission sites with their DA

  •    92
  •      93
  •        62
  •        84
  •       82

11. Blog Directory Submission – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Strategies

Directory submission is one of the easiest ways to build quality backlinks.

Select a relative and effective directory that falls into the appropriate category.

The results may take some time here, but it is worth it over a longer period.

Free Directory Submission site List with their DA

  •       64
  •       53
  •        36
  •       35
  •          34

12. Article Submission- best way for off-page SEO

Submitting your articles to a high PA submission directory is another way to spread your brand on the internet.

Also, you can provide links to your website, making sure your content is of high quality and unique. Poor quality content with keyword stuffing may get rejected.

So choose an appropriate category and name your content with a catchy title.

Free Article Submission sites and their DA

  •            91
  •           87
  •           76
  •          76
  •            43

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13. Video Submission

One way to make your videos popular is to find popular video submission websites.

Mostly, video submission websites have high PR, so it will do nothing but help you boost your ranking.

Name the video with an accurate title, tag, description, and reference links. It can help you attain quality backlinks if it is an interesting video.

Video Sharing Sites and their DA

  •              99
  •          97
  •               96
  •            90
  •             88

14. Question and Answer website- engaging off-site SEO tactics

Another effortless method to attract traffic is to engage in question-and-answer websites.

Look for high PR questions, answer websites, and search for queries related to your blog brand or website.

This is an opportunity to answer these questions accurately and create brand visibility.

Question and Answer Websites

  •         93
  •          92
  •             92
  •          65
  •           63

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15. Image Submission

Getting popular high-quality photos is another path to getting more traffic.

You can share your popular images on the image submission website.

Make sure you optimize your pictures with the correct tag and URL before you submit them. Also, check if the title, tags, and description are well put.

High DA Image Sharing Sites

  •            94
  •             94
  •            93
  •            92
  •           92

16. Infographics Submission – One of the Best Off-Page SEO Strategies

Creative infographics are always the trend, especially nowadays.

Make sure to include high-quality infographics that have a chance to get popular on the internet.

Look for the best infographic submission websites and submit your infographics with attached reference links to your blog.

The image size may differ with different submission websites, and that’s the only thing you need to take care of.

Infographics Submission Sites

  •             91
  •              78
  •               55
  •                  47
  •               45

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17. Press Release

A press release is an announcement of something newsworthy. It can significantly build your brand’s reputation, earn media coverage and grow your online presence.

Try press releases to

  • Generate Media Interest
  • Reach Consumers
  • Widen Your Exposure
  • Boost Your Brand Image
  • Boost Search Engine Optimization

 Press Release Websites

  •                92
  •               82
  •               62
  •                 46
  •              39

18. Document Sharing- one of the top off-page SEO techniques

Another infamous way to share your content is to share informative documents related to your blog.

It should be in PDF or PPT format with unique content.

Then you need to submit these documents to the document-sharing website.

Document Sharing Sites

  • 95
  • 94
  • 94
  • 93
  • 92

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19. Web2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 is just another off-page SEO technique where we need to create subdomains in high-domain authority sites. For instance,, tumbler, blogger, WordPress, etc.,

Best Tips for web2.0:

  1. Share great content
  2. Update the site regularly
  3. Build a backlink for a published article

20. Use Google My Business

Google My Business is a Google service that you can use to make yourself authoritative for free.

Optimize this platform for local SEO ranking.

There are several places where you can optimize the content and links.

And from that, you can generate good social traffic and brand awareness.

Best Tips for Google My Business

  1. Have a description with no more than 250 characters.
  2. Make sure your primary objective is in the first paragraph with your city name.
  3. Keep regularly updating the posts/gallery or products or offers.
  4. Watch your reviews and reply instantly.
  5. Upload real photos under respective categories.


We hope this blog post about off-page SEO techniques was insightful.

The trends we mentioned are working for most of the niches this year.

If you are still facing any problems creating backlinks for your business website or your client’s websites, feel free to contact us.

We would be happy to consult you about the best off-page SEO tactics for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three main best off-page techniques in SEO?

Here are the three main off-page SEO techniques:

1. Creating valuable backlinks:
Backlinks are the core of the Off-site SEO technique and are crucial for any website to rank on page one. Google is more likely to rank a website at the top of its domain has more backlinks. Also, Google considers several factors, such as the quality of the link, relevancy, authority, etc.

There are majorly two types of links that you can add to your website:
– Natural links: these are generated naturally, without any action required from your end.
– Links generated by your promotional tricks: These links are created through promoting or marketing your brand online. You can ask clients to link to your site or share your content.

2. Social Media Marketing
Another effective off-page SEO technique in digital marketing is social media engagement. It greatly helps increase the user base, meet new connections, and widen your target audience. It encourages more clicks to your content and is a crucial source of valuable backlinks from high DA sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Guest Content
Providing third-party websites with guest content is an effective online marketing technique. This could be a thought-leadership article, a ‘how to video content or anything that can capture their readers’ attention.

It would help if you reached out to third-party websites with similar target audiences. This gives you a chance to increase exposure and brand awareness amongst the target audience and multiply the opportunity to drive referral traffic from that site. Also, you will benefit from a valuable backlink and nurturing online relations.

What are the latest techniques for off-page SEO?

While new SEO tricks are coming out every day, these are some latest and trending off-page SEO techniques to be implemented immediately.

Google Passage Ranking
Passage ranking is where you can rank individual passages on web pages and the whole page. This means that Google can pull sections from the page even if that page is about a different topic than what is shown in the SERP.

Learn the EAT Principle
EAT means expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. It’s the measurement of your brand’s reputation on the web. The EAT principle helps you master long-term SEO success, despite Google’s changing algorithm.

You can do so with small steps, don’t feel overwhelmed. To establish your brand’s authority and trustworthiness, you can ask customers to leave decent reviews on reputable sites like Google, Yelp, BBB, and Amazon. Try to earn high-quality links from websites in your industry. Also, you can demonstrate EAT on your site through testimonials, reviews, case studies, and other forms of social proof.

What is off-page optimization with example?

Off-page SEO is a tactic that doesn’t involve updating/publishing the content of your website. It has nothing to do with optimizing the content on your pages but with putting effort into attracting people to visit your page.

As a result, all those techniques are implemented outside the page in other platforms such as social media, forums, third-party websites, and anything that can help us gain more brand visibility and traffic. Some popular examples of off-page SEO are:

– Brand Mentions- having third-party websites mention your brand name on their web pages.
– Blog commenting- getting traffic through the blog link posted in the comments.
– Forums- engaging with media in the form of Q and A
– Influencer Outreach- getting more attention from the target audience through influencer marketing.

What are off-page strategies?

Offsite or page SEO refers to the actions taken outside your website to help improve rankings within SERP (search engine result pages). To impact SERP ranking, on-page and technical SEO are also vital.

Off-page tactics are mostly the ranking factors responsible for improving search engine and user perception of a website’s popularity, authority, trustworthiness, and relevancy.

The off-page SEO technique aims to get mentioned in other repeatable places, such as website pages and social media links, to your website for promotion.

Any third-party platform vouching for the great quality of your content is a way to improve ranking. It can be through any platform, such as social media, forums, listing, or even local.

Why are off-site SEO techniques important?

Off-page SEO is immensely valuable because it tells search engines that your site is important to others on the web. All the links you receive from another source act as an endorsement that your website is high quality.

External sources act as tie-breakers for sites with similar quality of on-page SEO. This way, search engines know how to rank websites on SERPs.

For example, if we look at two cake recipe websites with similar content, which one should rank higher?

If the sites followed similar on-page SEO strategies, the off-page SEO tactics could determine which website ranks higher in Google search results.

Search engines measure off-page SEO factors, such as the number and quality of website backlinks.

If one recipe website has more backlinks from authority sources while the other has received zero online mentions, the website with more backlinks will likely rank higher.

What is off-page SEO with example?

Off-page SEO refers to optimization techniques performed outside of the website to improve the site’s search engine rankings.

Examples of off-page SEO include:

– Building backlinks from other websites to your own, social media marketing, and online reputation management. For example, if a website owner wants to improve their search engine rankings, they might reach out to other websites in their industry and ask if they can publish a guest blog post or link to the website owner’s site. This will help build site backlinks, which can improve its search engine rankings.

– Using social media to drive traffic to the website and online reputation management to ensure that positive information about the site and its products or services appears high in search engine results.

What is off-page seo techniques?

Off-page SEO techniques are like a game of hide-and-seek for search engines. Like in hide-and-seek, you want to ensure you’re hiding in the best spots, where the other players (other websites) come in.

Building backlinks from other reputable sites is like having someone vouch for you and say, “Hey, I found this website, and it’s really great; you should check it out too.”

Off-page SEO techniques can be thought of as networking for your website. Like in real-life networking, building connections and relationships with other individuals and businesses can open up new opportunities and doors for you. Similarly, building backlinks and connections with other websites can help improve your search engine rankings and visibility.

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